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 Plant Magic Granules is a 'must have' product mainly for soil or coco growers.

Healthy leaf and stem growth will be clearly visible and root systems will be 5 to 7 times bigger, very healthy and free from disease. Considered one of the best products of it's type.

Plant Magic Granules is an effective innoculant which contains huge amounts of Mycorrhizae, over 20 different types of microorganisms and very effective bio-stimulants. These ingredients work perfectly together to create a thriving community of beneficial micro life around your plant root systems.

The huge amounts of Mycorrhiza in Plant Magic Granules quickly forms a symbiotic relationship with roots and rapidly increases root ball size. This increases the plants nutrient and water uptake. Beneficial Micro-organisms promote positive bio-activity within the soil and also create a barrier that can help fight and stop many fungal pathogens such as the dreaded Pythium root disease and Fusarium.

Benefits of Granules

  • Up to 700% increase in root growth mass
  • Helps defend against root disease such as Pythium and Fusarium
  • Nutrient uptake and availability is improved
  • Creates a beneficial micro-population
  • Encourages Nitrogen fixers
  • Massive increase of disease and stress tolerance

To feed the microorganisms so they activate and last; simply feed organic nutrients to the soil after granules have been added directly to plant roots when transplanting. Plant Magic recommends Plant Magic Veg Boost or any other high quality organic based fertiliser (Compost Tea works too).

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